Eastlake “Second Look” Mirror

Second Look Planter My antique auctioneer uncle is fond of telling the story about two antique dealers who were stranded on a desert island, where they both did a thriving business.  That story was top-of-the mind this morning when, over our weekly brunch, he told me of a special mirror that slipped his attention at his antique auction last week and been sold before he realized it. He described what he called an Eastlake style (named for writer and architect Charles Eastlake who never actually designed furniture but had a significant impact on an era of furniture design).

Immediately after breakfast we drove out to the postcard pretty heritage agriculture & fishing village of Ladner to the Dragonfly Gallery (http://www.bcartist.com/), owned by longtime friend Alain Nowak, to buy the mirror back.

  It is a grooming mirror called a “second look” mirror.All the way home my uncle chattered about the features of the mirror – like the little wood cups on either side of the mirror that are for holding hat or hair pins, for that last minute tuck before heading out the door. But I immediately saw in the pretty front drawer a potentially great planter.

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