Photo Gift

As a kind of defacto family historian I have somehow acquired 90% of our family photos. Rather than shutting them away in albums or boxes I make them into meaningful gifts. A while ago I discovered an adorable photo of my mother as a toddler and had a copy made for my brother.  He would have been thrilled just to get the photo, but for very little cost and effort I put it into a special frame

 I picked up this simple solid wood frame for $1.50 at a local thrift store.

 I drew inspiration from a Diet Coke can from the series that has names and relationship roles on them.

 I gave it a base coat of red paint and let it sit for a couple of days before adding a good coat of homemade white chalk paint. I distressed it heavily in some sections to go right down to the original wood, and lighter in some areas so the red base coat could peek through and echo the red lettering on the tag.

  Then I cut the word Mom from the soda can (I just used regular scissors) and glued it on with marine goop.  Then I gave it a good coat of beeswax to give it a nice smooth feeling despite the distressing.

 The photo printing cost $1.14, the frame was $1.50 and everything else I had on hand.  What a sweet gift for less than $3


2 thoughts on “Photo Gift

    • Thank you! I know I shouldn’t be drinking diet soft drinks, but I have cans now that say “Best Friend” and “Dad” and all of them are bilingual (French as well as English). The possibilities… sigh!

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