I kept coming across rake head wreaths and separate posts for upcycled cheese grater owls. I thought it would be fun to combine the two. Rakelle is the result and here’s how I put her together:

It all started when I found the rake head in a “free” pile in front of a neighbour’s house. My kitchen grater is sturdy and clean. But a local supermarket had a few in their remains bins for $1 each – I bought them all. (the plastic fruit was a freebie from a separate roadside rescue, but didn’t make it onto this wreath after all)

And I always do it outside and cover my nose and mouth – some posts I’ve read suggest the potential for toxic gases. I also tossed in a couple of canning jar metal lid rings (for big googly owl eyes) to get them nice and rusty.

I intended to leave it overnight but I got consumed with something unexpected so it was about 36 hours before I pulled them out and rinsed them thoroughly to halt the corrosion. Because the combination is so effective, use a heavy plastic or metal container that will resist corrosion. Meanwhile, I cut the bottoms off two soft drink cans and bent the cut edge inward all the way around. These were the perfect size to fit inside the canning jar rings.

I used gorilla glue to affix the pieces. The rings around the base of the can add to the owl eyes. The metal clip I used for the nose was in my collection of bits-and-pieces.

I used cheap tinny teaspoons for ears. I used floral wire to one to each side. Initially I regretted having not thought about that early enough to rust them, but at the end of the day I liked the contrast of the non-rusted ears and eyes.

I added a couple of gold buttons for pupils of the eyes – and you can see I started playing with the finishings and opted for some stray strands of Chinese lantern instead of the bulky plastic fruit. I used florist wire to attach the metal owl to the rake.

I used pinecones and floral moss to fill out the bottom. And for fun contrast, I added a string of craft pearls around the base.


New VIP Party Button-001

8 thoughts on “Rakelle

  1. Ha, Ha, Ha, this one made me smile. Some scary directions as that is a caustic mixture, so everyone be careful…gloves, glasses, sleeves, etc.

    Results are adorable and I will be pinning this one and passing it on. Thanks, Sandi

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m reckless and don’t do gloves and glasses (but you’re right – I should). I do, however, do it outside and I never see my cat for about 4 hours after I’ve poured the mixture. He’s not putting up with that! Thanks for the comments!


  2. Rakelle is too cute! I have a stack of vintage rakes, but not sure if I want to dismantle one. I’ll have to keep my eyes out for a broken one. I do have an old grater. Very creative! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


    • Well, I’m jealous of the stack of vintage rakes. All I find are rake heads (another one I’m saving for Christmas…)


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