Corbels Repurposed as Bookends

I am one of those people who will never get used to reading a book electronically.  A book has pages that are either soft and old or crisp and cool, that absorb light and are not a source of it.

Not surprisingly, my home is full of books. Less today (moving house has a profound impact on one’s love of books, which are extremely heavy to pack and move).  I recently donated to charity a small bookshelf full of hardback Canadian history books. A friend who was helping me pack pointed out that I hadn’t read them in years. But you know it’s funny how much I miss them. They are like old friends who you don’t phone often but you take great pleasure in knowing that they are there.

And I am always on the lookout for interesting bookends. I picked up a pair of interesting corbels from the curbside of a neighbour’s house.  They were sitting on the curb on their flat edge, so upside down. They looked like what I took them home to use them for – bookends.

 Many of my books are tall hardbacks, and it’s sometimes a challenge to get bookends that will support tall books. These corbels literally rise to the challenge.

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