Sweet Dreams for Rescued Dumpster Headboard

It wasn’t necessary to actually “dive” into the dumpster to rescue this headboard. I don’t know if it was a lack of the upper body strength it would have taken to lift it in or a hope that someone like me would come along and save it from the landfill, but the person who relegated it to the trash simply leaned it against the dumpster.  And that’s where it sat for the two weeks it took me to persuade someone with a big enough vehicle to help me rescue it.

It is wood, but is neither vintage nor great quality, but I loved the sleigh bed type ogee style.

And I had no inhibitions about painting it.

 And adding a sweet message

 Painted with homemade chalk paint (salvage white paint remains from a local municipal program and 1/3 plaster of paris), distressed and waxed with clear wax.

 I played around with fonts on the computer until I found something that was both pretty and very legible. I traced it onto the headboard using artist tracing paper. Then I filled it in using a black paint pen.

Benjamin-the-Cat loves to be the centre of attention.

As our autumn nights grow crisp and cool, I’m ready for some sweet dreams.

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4 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams for Rescued Dumpster Headboard

  1. Gorgeous! Well had I been your neighbor, I would have gladly help you rescue it! You did a fantastic job. I love the “sweet dreams” part as well. Cheering for you over here! Happy fall, Koko:)


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