Cottage Garden Ivy Chair

I rescued this child’s wicker chair from the curb in front of a neighbour’s house. There was a hole in the wicker seat. That suited me just fine. The garden was calling. But it was dull and uninspiring as it was.

I’ve been playing with a distressed decoupage treatment recently. I’ve done a birdhouse and a Thanksgiving sign. I thought I would try it on the child’s chair.

Rather than widening the hole in the seat to accommodate a plant pot, I wanted to add a vintage spring form baking pan to echo the green in the paper.

I painted the chair with my homemade white chalkpaint, and then used modge podge to randomly apply torn strips of paper. Then I let it sit for at least ly.24 hours to let the modge podge dry completely. Then I used a scraper and coarse sandpaper to distress it heavily.

I picked a couple of patches of moss to further echo the green in the paper and the springform pan.

The finish project is destined for one of my guerilla gardening sites, and I want to make it as vandalism resistant as possible. To secure the bake pan t the chair seat, I inserted a chopstick into the bottom of the spring form pan, attached a doubled length of gardener’s wire, which was fed through one of the holes In the chair seat and secured by wrapping the remaining wire around a second chopstick.

I sprayed the entire chair and outside of the baking pan with exterior poly (3 coats). Then I filled the bake pan with good soil and added several lengths of ivy and a couple of white winter pansies.

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