Santa Suitcase

 This junky old suitcase was a roadside rescue. I could have used it for storage, but whatever utility it was given, it needed a facelift. With Christmas just around the corner I decided to turn it into a holiday porch greeting.

  I began by painting the exterior using homemade chalk paint. I have white latex paint, and I mix that with plaster of paris (ratio: 3 to 1).

  I just use a disposable dish like this take out rice dish to mix the paint.

  One of the best features of chalk paint is its coverage. This suitcase was perfectly covered in 2 coats.

  I wanted to transfer a vintage Christmas image, so I printed it off on my laser printer using regular printer paper.

  I trimmed the image fairly closely.

  Then I use a paintbrush to apply a generous layer of Modge Podge (there are a other transfer mediums – like Gel Medium). Be sure to cover the entire face of your image right to the edges of the paper.

  Then I placed the image wet/face  side down where I want it to be on the suitcase and use my hand to smooth out all air bubbles and wrinkles. Then I leave it to dry overnight (I’ve done successful transfers where I’ve only allowed an hour of drying time, but the best ones are left for several hours).

  After drying so carefully, I wet it. There are many videos and tutorials on transfers, each with different styles. I scoop a palm full of water and sprinkle over the image.

 Then I use the pads of my fingers to rub away the paper, which leaves the image.  I do this in stages. After a 2nd drying period, you will be able to see where there is paper residue that needs to be rubbed off.


New VIP Party Button-001




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3 thoughts on “Santa Suitcase

  1. I really love this! Do you put the latex/plaster of paris on the inside of the suitcase? And just curious, what does this achieve? Thank you very much, have a great week!

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    • I really should have.I’ve decided I will use it between Christmases to store my repurposed lightbulb ornaments. If I’m not too tired after Christmas I will finish the inside – but I don’t think I will paint it. I think I will paper it instead (it has torn paper lining right now). It really does make you take a second look at all those old suitcases and valises that we see curbside, doesn’t it?


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