5 thoughts on “Vintage Fall

  1. Your table lamp cake stand is awesome! And that’s so cool you have a picture of your greatx4 grandmother! I’m of Irish heritage as well but do not have great information on my family history. The picture adds just the right touch to your vignette. Also like the pie pan:) xoKathleen


    • oh, Kathleen -I knew 10 seconds after I got your initial email that you are fellow colleen. I’ve been salivating over your jewellery. I should send you pics of the pin I got last Christmas of the pin that came from Ireland and has been in my family for about 100-150 years? I’m not getting your emails. Did I sign up wrong?


      • Hello Donna, I’m so glad that I checked back on this post to see your reply! I stopped over to your blog to invite you to this week’s Vintage Charm party (your vintage sled post) if you had not already linked up and I saw your reply here. I’m really not sure how WordPress works in relation to Blogger. Did you sign up to subscribe to my blog via email on my sidebar or in a pop-up box that appeared? You can just email me directly and I will make sure you are subscribed to receive my posts via email, ok? Oh, and I’d love to see a picture of that pin! xoKathleen
        P.S. If a “Blogger” blogger leaves me a comment on a post I automatically get an email with their comment in it. The only way I would see your reply to me here would be to either keep coming back to check or sign up to be notified of new comments, but that gets a bit cumbersome having to do that every time I comment…I have blogger friends who blog on WordPress and when they comment on my posts I DO get them via email but I’m not sure what you need to do for this to happen. Wish I could be of more help with that one!


      • We’re all good, Kathleen. I’ve started getting notifications of your posts (phew!). I may have posted the Brunkard pin on St. Paddy’s but I’ll have to check.


  2. I love to see somebody that has some kind of data from their history, imagine having that photo of many times great grandmother. i have some old photos of both sides of family but not that old, is wonderful to have that to pass on. Have photo albums my Mom made of her family, ,my Dad’s that have been all over country with me. Never let them out of my site or packing when we moved few times. No about to lose those. Happy weekend

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