Horn & Hydrangea

So… I  found this tire rim by the side of the road, and it’s being round and too small for a hoolahoop I started planning a Christmas wreath.


Initially I painted it red and made the very simple rakehead wreath on Reddy for Christmas.  But I wanted something with a bit more depth, so I painted it with  homemade white chalkpaint. Chalkpaint is amazing both for its coverage (one coat) and it’s ability to cling to even smooth surfaces like this. And it, in turn, has a chalky texture that makes it easier to adhere other material.

After the white paint had dried I hauled out the green and white shelving paper I used on the Thanksgiving Sign from Repurposed Antique Mirror and used the same technique to add a bit of depth and texture to this simple metal circle.

Then I pulled together an assortment of items on hand, including the trumpet I used as a garden planter in the summer, the last dried hydrangea blossom and some garden greens. And I  added some roughly painted peat pots that I think look like bells.


Then the vintage trumpet and voila!



vintage charm button 2


New VIP Party Button-001




2 thoughts on “Horn & Hydrangea

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