Window Blind Weight Gift Tags

A few months ago a neighbour put a stack of old vertical blinds on the curb – and left them there for several days of rain (and mud). At that point no one would take them for blinds, so I figured fair game. I took a few strips of the blind (still rolled up in my studio waiting for inspiration to strike). I also took a handful of the metal weights. They just screamed ‘altered tags’

I washed and dried them, and then applied a couple of coats of gesso to each side. Then I painted each on both sides.

While the paint was drying I downloaded Victorian Christmas images. When the paint was thoroughly dry I applied a good coat of gel medium to the printed side of the paper then applied it face down to the painted weight.

When the transfer was completely dry (ideally 24 hours), I rubbed the paper off using my wet fingers. When that process was finished and dried I sprayed each with a coat of polyurethane and then embellished each tag with fabric scraps, buttons, keys, imitation pearls, etc.

The “Compliments of the Seasons” text was applied differently. I tea dyed these pages and I found that they didn’t transfer as well, so I reprinted the images but not reversed (which one would do for the gel medium transfer method), and instead I decoupaged the paper onto the tags. Otherwise, the method was exactly the same.

A number of people have asked me if they could use these for tree decorations.  They are quite a bit heavier than the average Christmas ornament, but it depends on the tree and the strength of its branches. They look absolutely smashing atop a wrapped gift or tied to the neck of a bottle of wine or herbed vinegar.


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