Popcorn Tin to Seasonal Porch Decor

I have seen dozens of these metal tubs – which were either popcorn tubs or garbage cans next to a child’s desk.  But their junking prospects are often diminished by appearances that they have been receptacles for vomit or dirty diapers.  But this one, rescued from a neighbour’s garbage (not even the metal recycling pin – gasp!) was spotless, and so it received a stay of execution.

The minute I got it home I applied a coat of Rustoleum red spray paint. The next day it got another coat. Then the rain came. And those who are familiar with the south west coast of Canada will understand when I say it rained for 30 days and 30 nights. And as I only spray paint outdoors, it was forgotten.

Christmas was just around the corner and a friend asked for something seasonal to put on her porch for her open house. A tub full of greenery was perfect: fast and easy. I pulled out the now red popcorn tub and decoupaged to its front the top of an old Christmas card.  The rains I mentioned had been accompanied by very strong  winds and the entire region was littered with fir boughs.

 The cost was $0 (the paint was on hand)


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