Fencing on Fence Valentine Wreath

We’ve all seen it sticking out of trash cans or recycling bins: that plastic coated wire  garden edging fence. For the first time, I stopped and picked up several panels from a neighbour’s curbside.


I quickly started listing potential uses I could put this to, especially after accompanying a friend to a local dollar store and noting that they charge $2 per  panel.

Because it is multi-material and there is such a small amount of metal, it won’t be easily recycled. Those qualities also make a great candidate for reuse or repurposing.

With Valentine’s Day on my mind I spent  2 minutes separating two of the panels and turning them into a very simple but pretty heart gate wreath.


It is as simple as laying one straight up and down and lay the second panel on top of the first sideways. Turn them on a slight angle and they make a perfect heart. Two acutally, the interior panels form a 2nd heart. I think you could use any kind of lightweight wire, thread or exterior glue to hold them. I used two tiny pieces of white medical tape (commonly found in first aid kits), which I had readily at hand and which is almost invisible on the white plastic coating

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9 thoughts on “Fencing on Fence Valentine Wreath

    • thanks, Lara. This whole repurposing/upcycling thing is quite fascinating. It just gets you looking at all material through new eyes. I wouldn’t have thought of it either, until I did. And now I’m on the lookout for more – because I have so many more ideas for using it. It makes me sad about what we throw away (especially given the impact that habit has on the planet).


    • Somebody pointed out to me that it has a Celtic look -I hadn’t noticed, but it may be why we Irish girls love it so much. I hope you’re having a great weekend, Kathleen. Fondly, Donna


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