St Patrick’s Porch Decor

Antique Shamrock Lard tin (from the former Burns Company of Vancouver, BC) planted with Shamrocks and Irish Moss.

The Celts of ancient Ireland believed that planting Irish Moss by your door acts as lightning rod for prosperity and good fortune.  I’ll keep you posted.

It is accompanied by a vintage Blue Mountain Pottery Clover Leaf hostess dish in green drip glaze – a curbside find at the home of neighbours doing a spring purge.  Given the significant Irish population in this city, I think I was lucky to spy it first.

All in all fun, vintage DIY porch décor for St. Patrick’s Day – and here in White  Rock for the month long  Irish Festival in March.

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2 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Porch Decor

  1. I guess I’d better get to planting that Irish moss ASAP! The tin is fabulous! And what a find from the neighbor’s trash?! xo Kathleen Charm Bracelet Diva {At Home}

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    • I knew your little Celtic heart would melt. Sorry I didn’t get it posted in early March (as was the plan) – aging parent issues and career change have dominated my life. More Irish projects to come.

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