The Broken Truth

I looked out my bathroom window one morning while brushing my teeth and someone was going through the garbage can I had put out for weekly collection. It was a long time ago (like many of the things in my home, I AM an ANTIQUE). Then I was young and head of an environmental group and kinda prominent (read: mouthy). The person going through my trash wasn’t a homeless person – it was a young reporter curious about whether I walked the talk.

He didn’t  get a story, but certainly  taught me a lesson! While it isn’t always practical, we all should try to practice what we preach.

So when I was helping my uncle clear his home of some “junk” recently, we had fun talking about alternatives to the garbage can for some antique and vintage items that had been damaged.

As a multi-media altered card artist, I am always on the lookout for bits of broken pottery, porcelain or glass.  There are a lot of cool jewelery artists who similarly repurpose broken bits.

But a glass Hen on Nest at my uncle’s was a great example of not throwing the Hen out with the bathwater.

The “nest” part of the piece had a large chip missing. But I bet some modern jewelers would love to get their hands on this mottled vintage glass.

   The chicken top, however, was in perfect condition.  No need to let a jeweler break it up or throw it in the glass recycling.  There are a number of new leases on life available to items like this.

It could be placed on an oval bowl or basket in any complementary colours.

 It’s spring so you won’t be surprised what this junk gardener did!!

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