Downtown Abbey-era Trough

Heartbreak! This Victorian English trough was a birthday present to myself last year.

A friend had it for sale in his store and I saw it on his web site first.

It became my online porn and I soon added the site to my favorites.  My facebook friends were quickly forgotten as I devoted my not-so-spare time to rationalizing the purchase.

It’s not cheap, but rather uncharacteristically for a girl whose tastes tend toward rustic and primitive, I fell in love with its ornate iron swirls and scrolls.  I verily swooned when I set eyes on it.

 This was not a trough  you would find in a barn, of course.  It would have been at the front of a very up market hotel or a great estate like Downtown Abbey for elegant visitors to water their horses.

I, of course, had visions of container gardening (I lined it with heavy plastic before playing with pots of shade plants), but I couldn’t find a place where it fit.  It had to be under cover so it wouldn’t rust and fall apart, but I just don’t have covered space wide enough.

So with a broken heart I’m going to have to sell it.  I can think of a million “repurposes” – it would be gorgeous wedding catering décor – filled with tubs of ice and used to serve food or drinks or to receive gifts.

It would also be gorgeous in a boutique selling pillows or towels or yoga mats.

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