Child’s Play

Don’t you just love arriving for a party to find a specially decorated porch or entrance? I do.

I learned to do this as a fundraiser at BC’s Children’s Hospital Foundation. We hosted donor stewardship events for the biggest (wealthiest) donors, and it was always a priority to make the reception area beautifu

But with house parties, hosts and hostesses are usually up to their backsides getting the inside of the house cleaned and decorated.

I’ve discovered that creating a greeting porch/station is a very welcome gift I can give to my hosts. And if you use props you already own this job can be fast and virtually free. Your real gift is your time and creativity.

When a friend’s youngest turned three, I pulled together (and borrowed one of the rocking chairs) some antique children’s furniture and décor. All the plants were from the garden, so there was no cash expense.


AiJ followers will be familiar with this seatless antique Canadian pine child’s rocker. I use a kitchen strainer as a planter. I got it from a curbside “Free” box a couple of years ago. It’s perfect for the purpose.

I borrowed this scroll wood child’s rocker and added a large teddy bear (a curbside rescue from a couple of years ago – I reserve it for outdoor decorating.











I pulled a planter from another location and added the Garden Angel I made last week.




and an antique doll I’ve had for 20 years…




It’s a weekend. No mail delivery so the mailbox gets pulled into action, too.


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