Repurposed Mantle Clock

Don’t you love receiving a framed photo of a special moment or person?  Me too!

No number of digital photos can compare to the enjoyment of  nicely framed specially chosen photos of family, friends and shared moments around my home and office.

I also give them as gifts and am always on the hunt for special, one-of-a-kind frames.  I have a drawer full of empty frames I like or ones I bought at estate sales and painted or embellished.

Packing up purchases from an antique auction I attended, I saw potential in a non-working mantle clock with no key to wind it (in short, it will take a few bucks  to get it working).

But I thought the casing would make a photo really stand out.

For privacy reasons I can’t show the clock with the photo of my friend I intend to put in it, but I put in a couple of cut-outs to convey the concept.

It is going to look amazing with the graduation photo I am gifting to the graduate’s proud parents … but it would make a retirement or birth photo look very special

Any photo you want to give as elegant a setting as possible.

And in this case at least the clock workings don’t have to be removed or damaged… so the integrity of the original clock is not sacrificed.

Every antique and estate auction and lots of garage and estates sales are full of antique and vintage clocks – and often empty clock cases.

The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.



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