Repurposed Computer Keys

computerkeyvases1A few years ago I worked in an office that was changing all of its computer keyboards. Old ones were stuffed into the cardboard boxes that the new ones had just vacated. I asked what was going to happen to the old keyboards and was told that the large boxes holding numerous small boxes containing keyboards and cords would be deposited in the garbage dumpster behind the building.

That would have been a violation of regional and municipal waste management bylaws.  I asked if I could have the keys… I knew they had to be good for something.

While the technicians did their thing I worked as fast as I could to remove the keys. I’ve had them in a plastic bag in my home office ever since.

Today, while thinking about a little gift I could give someone starting a new job in IT, I remembered the keys.


The USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that in 2015 61,400 tonnes of keyboards and mice were “trashed”.

Electronic waste has become a global crisis. My country, Canada, is said to produce 65+ million metric tonnes annually.

Here’s a decorating idea for an office party…




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