DIY Junk Thanksgiving Cards

My American cousins have an extra month to get ready, but Thanksgiving is just around the corner for us Canadians (2nd Sunday in October for all of you who are planning to share with me YOUR handmade Thanksgiving cards.

But most importantly, make them to share with your family and real life friends. I promise you, homemade cards are transformative.  You’ll be (pleasantly) embarrassed by the fuss you will receive.

Especially if you do what I do and make each card especially for the person you are giving it to.

Here are some examples:

The card above is for Mrs. Choi. Until she retired, she ran a coffee shop where my Uncle (often) and I (occasionally) had breakfast.

Currently, a couple of times a month, she hangs on my Uncle’s apartment door a grocery bag containing a home cooked meal. I am very thankful for her many acts of kindness and caring.

These dried berries were picked from the bush in front of her former restaurant.

The blue and white checked fabric is from a tea towel she gave me in her restaurant to wrap my hand. My dog had just died and I was distracted and cut myself. She gave me the towel (told me to keep it) and held me while I cried.  I’m embarrassed it has taken me so long to return this scrap of gratitude.

A month or so ago a local antique picker and dear friend sold my Uncle a couple of antique apothecary bottles.  My Uncle is almost 80 and should have retired some time ago, but he can’t give up the people. He’s not making much money as an auctioneer, and John gives him great deals.

One of the apothecary bottles was cracked (which was reflected in the price, of course) and as we were unpacking the van, my Uncle started to tell me to throw it out… then, to just take it (watch for it – it’s going to be a Christmas project). He’s also the friend who gave me some antique tins. But I took the label off and saved it for this card, to let John know how much I appreciate his sweetness.

I don’t buy corn husks unless hell freezes over – or I forgot to dry my own.  This patch is from fabulous Chilliwack Corn (Jubilee!) consumed 2 weeks ago.

This card is for my baby brother (who keeps telling me “52 is not a baby”). We lost touch for too many years and I take every opportunity to tell him how grateful I am to have him back in my life.

There is nothing about the makings of the card related to him – except me. And the fact that we grew up in what was a rural village.

The centre is (blush) candy wrappers. My embarrassment stems not only from how  bad the sugar is for me, but the wrappers are not recyclable in the area where I live. Pure landfill fill… so I’m on a mission to find things to do that keep them from the dump and hopefully burn off a couple of calories. Also the bottom ruffle on John’s card.

MANY more cards to come — because I have so much to be grateful for.

Although I’ll never top last year’s Thanksgiving post – my most popular post to date


vintage charm button 2




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