Songbird: Child’s Guitar Repurposed as Birdhouse




A pink child’s guitar rescued from my neighbour’s garbage can repurposes almost effortlessly to a birdhouse.songbird-sept-21-2016

A little paint, a spare cupboard door knob for a perch. A little sanding to distress…

Some wording added using the packing tape method… (not perfectly centred, but close enough)

Accidental technique: I left the painted guitar outside while I went indoors to print the wording.

It began to rain… and I mistakenly thought the guitar was fully covered by the house eaves. In some areas the paint blistered and started to crackle giving a naturally distressed look I couldn’t have planned.



vintage charm button 2



4 thoughts on “Songbird: Child’s Guitar Repurposed as Birdhouse

  1. What a darling project, Donna–SO creative 🙂 I think the birds are going to love it! Thanks for sharing all of your posts with us at Vintage Charm–


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