Vintage Porch Vignette

Antique phonograph cabinet and a antique chair that was broken in a recent move double up as platforms for a pretty floral porch greeting



Home and Garden Thursday


The antique phonograph cabinet was a Craigslist freebie. I had to promise the people who were giving it away that I wouldn’t turn around and sell it, but instead provide it with a loving home – not a hard promise to make or keep. It had an unattractive finish that was yellowing with age. I freshened it with white homemade chalk paint. It has been a drink station for a party, a lingerie chest in my bedroom and now frothy petunias cascade charmingly from the lower cabinet,


this 200 year old cottage kitchen chair was broken in my last move, but I couldn’t bear to part with it, so it has new life as a porch greeter. The vintage bundt pan is bursting with pansies and cascading ivy and a terracotta pot housing English lavender in bloom

cheerful yellow begonia, tumbling white petunias, English lavender and a gingham trimmed antique enamelware clock make a pretty, whimsical combination


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