Christmas Mail

Another rural mailbox rescued from the side of a country road  and dressed up for Christmas greeting. Acts as a repository for cards and gifts.


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8 thoughts on “Christmas Mail

    • Thanks so much, Judy. I don’t use stencils usually (or in this case). I just play with lettering on the computer until I get what I want then print them off on plain paper. Then I trace the outline of the lettering onto the surface (sign or mailbox or whatever) using tracing paper. When I was growing up they called it carbon paper, but it’s called artist’s tracing paper now (if you ask shopkeepers or clerks for carbon paper they won’t know what you’re talking about).Then I fill in the letters with a paint pen or permanent marker (Sharpies are a fave of mine)


    • Mailboxes are kind of becoming a thing with me. Canada Post (our national mail service) is phasing out house to house delivery and instead installing neighbourhood mailboxes (like mailboxes but at the entrance to developments/neighbourhoods). I think it’s tragic because of the job loss, but I also worry about the disposal of millions of mailboxes (and there are hundreds sitting by the side of roads, rusting or rotting away). I’m doing my bit.


    • I’m of Irish ancestry and was weaned on tea – so I had a very good time poking around your blog (and many of your friends’ blogs). Your husband sounds like an absolute sweetie!


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